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Scheme Plan 1

Sample Schematic Plan Version 1
(very large file)

Scheme Plan 2

Sample Schematic Plan Version 2
(very large file)

Sample Pool Plan

Sample Schematic Plan Version 3
(very large file)
Q. Do you charge a fee for the initial meeting?
A. No, the first meeting is free.

Q. Do you charge for design services and plans?
A. Yes, we are licensed Landscape Architects. Design services are provided only by contract or hourly rate.

Q. Do you provide construction bids as part of the design service? A. Yes.

Q. Do you charge for estimates?
A. Estimates are free. They can be provided for certain services that do not require design plans, or if you already have plans, we can provide firm estimates for implementation.

Q. Do you provide construction services for your designs?
A. Yes, we typically construct 95% of all our designs.

Q. Is project supervision provided during construction?
A. Yes, project management and supervision is provided by our Landscape Architect.

Q. What is a landscape architect and what is the difference between a landscape architect and a designer.
A. A Landscape Architect is a licensed professional that has received a 5-year undergraduate degree in landscape architecture from an accredited university; has served a two year internship with a licensed professional; and has successfully passed the state licensing exam. Landscape architects have been trained in urban and regional land use planning, circulation and hardscape design, site grading and drainage, site structures, planting, irrigation, and lighting design.
A landscape designer is a person that provides drafting or design services but may not have any formal education or training in the above subject matter.

Q. Is landscape architecture a regulated profession?
A. Yes, there is currently a title act and a practice act in the state of Texas. A person must be licensed in the state of Texas to either use the title Landscape Architect or to provide landscape architectural services. Businesses that offer landscape architectural services must employ a full time landscape architect and or, have a written agreement of association that discloses the name, address, telephone number and state registration number of each of the landscape architects of record with the company. Landscape Architects must disclose their license numbers in all forms of advertisements.
Unfortunately, unscrupulous businesses may falsely claim to be Landscape Architects. Ask to see credentials, or visit the website of the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, www.tbae.state.tx.us/ to verify the status or license of an individual or company.